Our History

Since 1977, Nevada’s manufacturers have been counting on their association to help with their business challenges. The need for a united voice was prompted by local business licensing fee increase in Carson City.

But soon, NMA was watching, listening, and keeping its members informed about potential changes in the law. Monitoring regulators, and showing up strong at state legislative sessions.

We’ve been there for more than four decades, staying on top of the big issues – taxes, litigation, energy, workforce, and more.

A Private, 501(c)(4) Professional Association

NMA’s operating revenue comes from dues collected by member companies and individuals. The associaton’s primary function is to protect and represent the interests of Nevada’s manufacturing industry.

NMA is distinct from economic development agencies, which are partially funded by state and local governments. In general, economic development agencies have a broader mission of attracting and supporting businesses of all types, not just manufacturers. While NMA may collaborate with economic development agencies on certain initiatives, manufacturers are NMA’s sole focus.

Our Issues

NMA monitors events affecting the manufacturing industry. We also gather information from our members about the issues affecting them – inside the state and beyond. Here are a some of the key issues we follow:

  • HR & Employment
  • Regulatory Reform
  • Taxes & Spending
  • Transportation
  • Workforce
  • Education